Being a woman in 2017

It brings me immense pleasure to join this Blogathon with 24 amazing women this #Navratri as we get together and celebrate #9daysofwomanhood and I thank Anjana from for introducing me. I love her blog and do check out her veiws on today’s prompt as well – Being a Woman in 2017

Why is it that every time we have to have a discussion on how being a woman in today’s day and age is different from the era our mothers came from, we start this battle of trying to justify why things have changed, why it worked better then and why it doesn’t work better now or vice versa.

I come from a services background and here’s what I have to say – I am proud to be a woman of today, living in 2017 and raising two independent and notorious children.

My mother worked as a teacher her entire life, through all her days of surgery and chemotherapy and balanced it along with taking care of me and my older brother and committing to all her obligations that came with being an officer’s wife.

I am proud to be my mother’s daughter and I take it upon me to welcome the fact that we live in an advanced world and advanced society.

A lot of people and men in general think that its normal for the woman to be the one who is running the homes, watching the kids and keeping up with all the social norms of today’s world. I know that if I tell my husband that I have a commitment that needs to be take care of by me and that he’s the one who’s required to handle the children – it’s as good as done.

Do we still struggle? Are we still answerable to spouses, in-laws, parents etc ofcourse we are, but its not because they don’t want us to have a life, or be free or be independent.. Its because they worry about the things that come with being a woman in this day and age – cars getting stopped at random hours in the night, Eve teasing etc but what about all the good things that come – Independence, free speech, dressing freely, to be able to tell your kids about the light after a dark stormy night… Are’nt those things what we all really live for??

Does this mean that the women of today have stopped stepping out of their homes and having a good time – hell no and it will never stop. Don’t the women of today enjoy “Me Time”, “Parlour Time”, “Girls night out” Etc.. I know I have the options and I have taken up the options plenty of times. 

Through my entire 8 months of chemotherapy and radiation – I spent all time doing pick ups and drops for both my kids, I traveled wherever i had to, I took my kids out to all their birthday parties, I watched movies, I stayed up with them every time they were unwell, I watch movies, I entertained every single guest that came my way… 

That’s the WOMAN of today.

Don’t the women of today enjoy “Me Time”, “Parlour Time”, “Girls night out” Etc.. I know I have the options and I have taken up the options plenty of times. 

I know for a fact that my brother did not even go near the gas or so much as enter the kitchen till the age of 15 but the women of today want to teach their sons that it’s OK if you want to spend time in the kitchen. My 4 year old son loves to make chapattis and i love him just a little more for that. It doesn’t matter if it looks like the map of Africa but I love that he makes it from his heart and that every time i get hurt my son walks up to me and gives me a kiss to tell that it will be OK mama.

That’s the woman of today – trying to balance the boys and girls and saying that its OK if my son wants to be in the kitchen and my daughter wants to learn Kung Fu (which she does by the way and she’s only 2)

I love being a #superwoman of 2017 because its makes me a whole person and completes the woman I’m trying to be and that I hope I can be.

Here’s to #womenpower and to all the wonderful women in my life.

I would like to introduce Gagan – follow her blog link to know her thoughts on the subject – kochar-




11 thoughts on “Being a woman in 2017”

  1. What an amamzing Post Dilpreet ❤️ I am so proud of your mom for handling everything somso well. And yes I love it when Aarya comes and helps me with kitchen work and other household chores ❤️

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