The thing about my pregnancy…

I along with 24 other bloggers are part of a wonderful blogathon #9daysofwomanhood which celebrates #navratri and all that #womenpower and #superwomen have to offer. 

I would like to thank Anjana for introducing me, read her blog at to find out more about her pregnancy. 

Each of my pregnancies have been a rock and roll journey for me… 
But the one thing I learnt from my journey from Baby 1 to Baby 2 was this – 

1. Each pregnancy is different, you can try your best but there is no way they will ever be the same.

2. My god awful track pants from the first pregnancy were thrown out for much smarter and belly friendly clothes during the second pregnancy (why did I ever such ugly clothes).

3. My long 16 hour delivery during Baby 1 was much better during Baby 2 as I was in labour only for 8 hours, although I fought with my husband more in the labour room second time around ( I believe there were a few notorious words involved as well πŸ˜‚)

4. A natural birth, as suggested by most people is most definitely a better option – I was hopping around like the Duracell bunny after both my babies. My husband on the other hand was snoring from the trauma he had to endure.

It’s such a life changing experience and even though it can traumatic at times, a baby once he/she arrives changes your world forever.

Also go and read the blog by Gagan Kochhar at kochar- to know her views on pregnancy.

8 thoughts on “The thing about my pregnancy…”

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  2. I was like lol lol on β€œ the Duracell bit β€œ and the husband snoring because of trauma ❀️

    This was such a fun read and high five on having a 16 hour long labour. I was in there for 15 ish hours πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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