A FAB-ulous CAFE

Finally a place which is worth all the excitement!

Not only is the new Fab Cafe an exquisite place for you to spend your afternoon, but it’s actually got a an even more exciting play area to keep your young ones throughly occupied.

The dishes here are made with all organic ingredients and this happens to be a vegan- friendly place.

Even though I don’t have photos of most of the things we ate ( we ate a lot of food and we ate it really fast ), every dish is worth mentioning and trying out.

We started with the Sprout Gol Gappas which come with three different kinds of water. Each one more yummy than the other:

Followed by the Beetroot Tikki and Lotus Stem Chaat:

The children of course devoured the mini idlis and we ordered only four plates of them.

The dairy-free coconut chocolate cake or coconut jaggery ice cream, you cannot decided which one was more delectable.

Check out the some pictures here of the play area:

All in all, the beauty of this place lies in the fact that you could be here for a quite afternoon by yourself, a date with your partner or just to spend the afternoon with you family.

You will not be bored or unhappy and the food will be something you will talk about the next day .

The Fab Cafe at the Fab India Experience centre is truly a FABULOUS EXPERIENCE!