How to have a happy travel with 2 dragon toddlers

After a whole year and a half (very long time in my books) we finally made it to the beach.

It was our first vacation as a family after the birth of my daughter, post my surgeries and my chemotherapy and radiation. Not only were we all looking forward to it but boy, were we excited!

I realised early on (at the airport) that moving around with two little bundles of energy (read monsters) is not an easy task and hats off to all the women who do it all the time with many more babies in tow.




Here are 4 tips that worked very well for us: 
1. Always, always, always carry your kids 4 favourite things. Note that I say things – we don’t need a paraphernalia but multiple things so that the kids do not feel bored throughout the journey. It can be stuffed animals, an iPad, a Lego or absolutely anything. Even though a lot of people might frown upon the use of technology, personally it’s worked well for us as long as it is in within boundaries and the guidelines are maintained.


2. If your children enjoy BOOKS like mine do, carry a whole bunch of them. Books are a fabulous time pass on a flight. Carry light in weight books which have slightly longer stories to keep the kids engrossed. Do not try and introduce them to newer stories on a flight because we do not know which way that will swing. They might loose interest past page 2 and then to get them to be interested again might be a whole new task.


3. Let them LOOSE. There is no point in yelling, scrounging and making eyes at them at the airport. They are probably going to do the opposite of everything you say to them. Keep an eye on them and let them be free, let them run, let them explore. Odds are they will tire themselves out at the airport itself before takeoff and you just might end up enjoying a quiet flight with hot food by yourself.


4. If your children are particularly fussy about the kind of food they eat then by all means carry home made food, but I personally believe that kids should be able to adapt in any situation and environment and that includes food. Always experiment with kids, you don’t need to force them but try and introduce them to foods that are easy to eat and light on their stomachs. If all else fails, airlines always carry fruits on board that you can bum off them.

Since March we have made 3 trips across the country and I am happy to say that these tips have worked out well for me and I look forward to many more trips with my dragons.

Not only do I love to travel but I want my children to enjoy it as well, to interact with newer people, eat any kind of food the airline offers or for that matter foods that are local to the city you are in. Explore the new cities and just be happy with them no matter where you are and try and remember that you are ALL on a holiday, so let them be wild and free.

8 thoughts on “How to have a happy travel with 2 dragon toddlers”

  1. Hi,
    I loved your blog and most importantly the tips that you’ve shared are very helpful for all new moms. Keep us updated with more stuff.

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