Top 5 sensitive wipes in India  

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear you are pregnant?


To me it was the fact that suddenly I will be responsible for another human being.

Keeping that in mind I tried and tested so many things in the market including the one thing that we end up using the most “WIPES”


Wet wipes are probably the one thing that end up being with us from the day our newborn comes home till the time the children are old enough to be left on their own and can look after themselves independently.


Which is why, when you think about #NATURAL, #SENSITIVEWIPES, #EXTRAGENTLEWIPES perfect for the newborn baby I have my top 5 picks right here.





Created with the finest natural plant fabric and 99% pure water and free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates, fragrances etc. chemicals that could harm the delicate skin of your new born. The #UnscentedWaterWipes are dermatologically tested, made of #MedicalGradeCloth and can safely be used on new born’s face, hand and mouth as they are #SuperThickWipes

Unlike other wipes, my favorite thing about the #MotherSparshWipes is the fact that they not leave you or the baby with a sticky feeling. The skin is left feeling soft and clean.

The moisture lid on these #FirstWaterWipes made in India prevent any moisture from escaping and leaves you with a fresh and clean wipe every time the packet is opened.

 Do check out their web page to learn more

These wipes are available on




Created with organic bamboo cloth, Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Aloe Vera extract etc. Mamaearth Bamboo wipes are natural and are absolutely free from harmful chemicals like paraben and sulphates.

They are soft and gentle on your baby’s skin. The wipes have a gentle and calming fragrance due to natural ingredients like Lavender oil.

The plastic lid on top contains the moisture of the wipes and stops them from drying up too fast and makes for a super easy and convenient travel. 



 The chicco baby wipes are perfect for your new born from day 1. Made with a special combination of Aloe, mallow and Chamomile, these wipes provide gentle cleaning for new born. These wipes are alcohol free and paraben free. The aloe protects the sensitive skin and the chamomile leaves the skin with calming and gentle fragrance.




The pampers sensitive wipes with their soft grip texture helps in maintain the natural pH balance for kids. They are dermatologically approved and are said to be even milder than using a cotton and water mixture. 

The pack comes with a flip cover for easy usage and retaining moisture in the wipes.




These alcohol free wipes are so gentle that they can used from a new born to a grown up. The extra moisture in them guards the skin from drying up and protects the natural barrier. They are dermatologically tested and pediatrician approved and perfect for the home or on the go. With 1/4th moisturizing cream in them these wipes are easy for providing your babies with cleansing and moisturizing at the same time.


 I hope you enjoyed reading my post, please do share your comments and suggestions on wipes that worked well for you. Also, give Mother Sparsh Wipes a try, you will not be disappointed.

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