Mother Sparsh Brand’s New Variant for Sensitive Baby Skin  #Unscented WaterWipes , #MedicalGradeCloth       

As a mother I am always looking for things in the market that provide the best care for my children. 

We are living in a world where innovation is at its peak and there are companies who are working constantly at creating a difference in this world without destroying what remains of our planet and do there bit to preserve the environment.

Mother Sparsh is one such company that is constantly evolving and trying to make this world a better place.

Mother Sparsh has created the perfect solution for all your children and their cleansing needs by launching the 99% water wipes which are the newest entrant in to the market.

Even though the 98% water were a revelation to the Indian market with the launch of the 99% water wipes, Mother Sparsh has taken the Indian market by storm. 

Here are some of the things that set them completely apart from the your regular baby wipes:

They are extra gentle and perfect for a newborn’s sensitive skin. 

-These wipes are three times thicker than any other ordinary wipes.

-It is free from parabens, alcohol, sulphates, fragrances and any other chemicals that could harm the delicate skin of your new born. 


Made with the finest natural plant fabric and 99% pure water. They are dermatologically tested.

 The wipes are so gentle that they can be safely used on the ababy’s face, hand and mouth.

-Formulated with medical grade cloth and have plastic lid to prevent moisture loss.

These #unscentedwipes made with #medicalgradecloth which is created using plant fabric is extra gentle, stronger and three timemore thicker in nature for cleansing your babies. They are unlike any ordinary wipes in the market and do not leave the skin feeling dry after usage.

Unlike your normal wipes which leave a sticky residue post usage, these wipes leave you feeling clean and the skin soft.

With a new packaging and a plastic lid on top to lock away moisture, they are easy to carry around and safe from any germs or dirt getting in. It’s completely hassle free to have wipes in your bags for your daily needs specially when we travel with kids in cars or even public transport for that matter.

We always have a set of Mother Sparsh wipes in our travel bags to help the process of cleaning the children a little more convenient.

And these can also be secretly found in a travel pack size in my husband’s office bag.

 One of the things that makes these wipes a favorite for me is the fact that these wipes are 100 % biodegradable which makes them perfect for the environment. Unfortunately, we are trying to survive in a world which is starting to drown in pollution that has been generated by us and with things that cannot be disposed of properly and will continue to survive for generations.

The plant fabric used in making these wipes is safe to discard without destroying our planet and do your bit for the environment by making a more informed choice.

These wipes are available on Amazon for 299Rs for a set of 72 wipes.


Here is a direct link to pick these wipes and do your bit for the environment

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