The Little Big Restaurant and Playhouse – Review

As part of my association with Gurgaon Moms, I tried out the nicest new eatery in Gurgaon –  The Little Big Restaurant and Playhouse.

Now when you walk into this brightly lit place, you instantly feel the ease of enjoyment settling in. From the hanging pots on the roof, the small baby swing next to the table or the fact that they have a live AQUA SYSTEM with baby prawns, snails and gorgeous blue neon fish in it. The entire restaurant is enchanting and the courteous staff only adds to the charm of the place.

We ordered an assortment of food on our table. Each plate of food can be ordered in a little or big portion depending on how much you or your child would want to eat. They also have a D-I-Y bowl that allows you to create the food that your child wants to eat, the way he/she wants to eat it.

I started off my evening with my favourite cold coffee – followed by a delightful Mezze platter as suggested by our gorgeous host and owner Aditi.

A salad to remind us to think and eat healthy followed by lots of cheese and vegetables pizza, fish and chips and ofcourse the king of the evening – Tiramisu and Dark Chocolate Brownie.

Keeping in mind our little bundles of joy and mayhem, the restaurant has little things kept in mind to give the most hassle free dining-out experience.

Steel glasses, special plates, foam lined dining tables, round corners on tables and specially created rack below the chairs for all purses and diapers bags… They have managed to think of it all.

The playhouse which is steps away is conveniently made with glass to give you the joy of keeping an eye on your kids minus the decibel level.

The kiddos had the pleasure of seeing the delicious food being made.

From the rolling of the dough to frying of the fish. It’s an experience to watch the Chef creating your food.

Needless to say that my kids and I would be returning to this place soon because we are gearing up for the weekend pancake breakfast.

Timings for the restaurant are 10am to 10pm.

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