Mother Sparsh Wipes – A first time experience

From the moment we learn the news “You’re Pregnant”, as a First Time Mom we go into this protective mode. Our unborn baby and its best interest starts taking priority. Those double pink lines on a pregnancy test send us in the most joyful spin. You suddenly start looking after yourself and doing all things with the baby in mind. What would be best for my child is the first question in your mind always.

There’s a lot to look forward to and a lot to do in preparation for the baby. We always want the best for our child and want the very best of things surrounding them


The arrival of my son who is my first born meant so many things to me. It meant the starting of a new life, my first day into a new life with my baby. My first long night learning how to feed the baby and clean the nappies was an experience that me and my husband will remember forever. He was the calmest baby ever and had this aura of peace around him, that made me peaceful too. It’s like he knew that this was a new beginning and that he knew how to make it just a little easier for me.


My most cherished memories include his first birthday, the first time he walked on his own and that tiny first tooth. So many things that have shaped the parent I am today and taught me so much and made me a wiser person for my daughter’s arrival.

Which is why, when MOTHER SPARSH decided to take out Water Wipes, the company had the very best interest of the baby in mind.

Mother Sparsh water wipes are one of the most unique things in the market today. They are specially formulated for a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. The wipes contain 98% purified water and 100% made up of plant fabric and are Bio-degradable.

Giving the baby the utmost importance has always been a concern of Mother Sparsh. We want your baby to be playful and peaceful at the same time which cannot happen if the baby is suffering from irritation of the skin or rashes that make him/her uncomfortable and restless, which is why it is necessary to cleanse the baby’s wet area properly.

The mother Sparsh water wipes are hypoallergenic, they don’t irritate the baby’s skin and cleanse it without causing any uneasiness, allergy and infections.

The wipes are alcohol free and does not cause any side effects such as nausea, slowed beathing and dizziness. The focus of the company is to maintain a constant top quality for the wipes using the purest and main ingredient which is WATER.

Mother Sparsh keeps in mind the conservation of our precious planet and created a product that will help to build a cleaner planet.

Every year over 7 Billion wipes end up in landfill because they are not Bio-Degradable, Mother Sparsh has worked very hard to create a product that helps our environment by keeping the water wipes natural and 100% Bio-Degradable.

They are gentle for your baby’s skin and gentle on the Environment too.

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Sponsored by Mother Sparsh

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