Berry Fever

Finally brushing teeth is going to be a fun task, Mamaearth has taken out their very own Berry Blast Toothpaste.

This toothpaste is so delicious that my kids would rather eat it like dessert than actually brush their teeth with it.

The best thing about this toothpaste is that it’s fluoride free, SLS free and 100% natural. So if that tiny amount does get ingested by your little one there is no need for panic.

Made with the highest quality of ingredients like Xylitol, Aloe and Stevia to sweeten the deal, The paste helps in strengthening your child’s gum and makes brushing time actually enjoyable.

Available on their website and amazon, you have got to introduce your little ones to this toothpaste and make that much dreaded brushing time fun again.

1 thought on “Berry Fever”

  1. My kids would love this! They’ve always loved to brush their teeth but all of a sudden they absolutely hate their toothpaste and it’s become a huge meltdown every night.. This flavor might be a fav with them.

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