Himalaya Extra large baby wipes, extra happy babies

As a mom on the move constantly, I like to be prepared and carry certain essential things in my Handbag at all times.

A new addition this summer to my bag is the Himalaya gentle baby XL wipes – In an extra large size, they are twice the size of a regular wipe and can cleanse you baby from top to toe.

They are a life saver for a mom on the move.

Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Indian Lotus extracts & enriched with Himalaya Baby lotion they leave the baby’s delicate skin clean and soft.

These extra-large wipes have moisturizing, skin conditioning, wound healing and soothing actions which protects the baby’s nappy area from infections.

They are free from Parabens, alcohol, phthalate, artificial color and are clinically tested and hypoallergenic creating a full circle of Gentle, Safe and Researched protection for your delicate darling.

Himalaya is one the most reputed & trusted brands out there and they have managed to create a wonderful and safe product range for your babies.

Their products are infused with power of herbs and are exclusively recommended by most doctors and are available at a very affordable cost.

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