Chai aur Biscuit



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Every single morning as my alarm clock starts ringing at 5 am, I get up and head straight to my tv – The live Gurbani from Amritsar is put on and I go to my kitchen to make the one thing that kick starts my day – Chai.

I wouldn’t be complete without my first cup of chai every morning.

My sanity starts to flow with this first cup of chai which is accompanied with the original Parle-G biscuits. The biscuit would dive in at the right temperature and come out that perfect “melt in your mouth” bite. No biscuit has ever been quite as delicious.

Growing up the thing my mother taught me first in the kitchen was Chai. She loved it. And as soon as I was old enough to handle things in the kitchen, promptly I was told “come let’s make tea – I’ll show you how to make it m and once you’ve learnt it, you can make it for me”…. 😆😆😆

That was a trap my friends.

My mum and I would come back from school and before I could sit down to do anything else, it was a given “Dilpreet please make me one cup of tea”, she would sing.

I also am one of those people who have serious TEPIDOPHOBIA – yes it’s a thing (or so I’ve heard) – Fear of a badly made cup of tea…

So next time if I’m at your place and I politely decline a cup of chai, it’s probably because I don’t want to die from that particular cup of chai.

There’s a fine line in my cup of chai – the right amount of leaves, just that a little bit of milk and ofcourse elaichi and sometimes maybe saunf to sweeten the deal.

The jugalbandi of all my ingredients is perfect. And very few people can create that perfect harmony for me.

As of now I’m now down to 1-2 cups from 6-7 cups a day but those two are pure and down right precious to me.

Hope my article lit up some memories within you guys about how Chai is special.

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10 thoughts on “Chai aur Biscuit”

  1. I like your morning chai ritual.. I will sure be nervous to serve u some tea.. The jugalbandi as u described sounds perfect.. I ageee with u on the parle G.. It is the quintessential indian chai biscuit.. Good post👍

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  2. I agree, that’s always the trap – my husband got caught in the trap as a kid and he eventually got so tired of making tea for his parents that he started putting in salt instead of sugar and was finally relieved of the duty 😂

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