My first year with Bickram

24 mommy bloggers and I are part of a wonderful blogathon this #navratri called #9daysofwomanhood. I would like to thank Anjana from for introducing me. Head on over to read her views for today’s prompt

From the day you were born, you were my knight in shining armour.

You showered me with all the best smiles, kisses and hugs that were beyond any joy I could ever feel. And ofcourse you reserved all of that for me, you knew my voice, you knew my singing.

You see Bickram was a patient, caring, loving, self soother baby… He slept when he had to, he got up with big toothless grins and he never cried if you weren’t around. He would be there quietly relaxing in the crib taking in the surroundings.

Infact there were days, I would put him down in the crib after a feed and he would sleep all by himself (like seriously).

And amongst all that happiness came the crazies, you see Bickram would never ever sleep through the night or even for an extended period, he would get up every single night between 2-3 am and be wide awake as if we were on different time zone all together and he didn’t sleep through till the age of 3… But despite how exhausted I would get, nothing was more worthwhile than being with the baby of my dreams who came after a miscarriage but was so totally worth the wait….

Thank you to our hosts and sponsor for this fabulous blogathon.

I would like to introduce Gagan Kochar, read her thoughts on for today’s prompt.

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