My babies, my saviours

Before you read my thoughts for today, I want to thank Anjana from for introducing me and the wonderful group of 24 blogger mommies with whom I share these #9daysofwomanhood this #navratri.
From the day you both came into my life nothing was the same…
It was bound to be different (I hope you guys have a tissue handy), I had become a mother, I was adjusting, I was hormonal and more importantly, I was dealing with the biggest loss of my life… 

During my pregnancy with Baby 1, I lost my mother to cancer… It was heartbreaking and even though it’s been 5 years there isn’t a moment that goes by where I don’t feel that a part of me died with her that day. 

But my baby boy Bickram, who came to me 3 months later saved my life… He stayed in my belly – safe, kicking away and reminding me that not all was lost. He literally was the reason I was surfacing for air, making polite conversations and still laughing… You my baby boy completed that part of me that went missing… 

Forward to 2 years later, my notorious little monkey Mandiira came along and I was barely adjusting to the 2 babies and I was diagnosed with cancer myself and again it seemed as though a mountain had fallen down upon my blissful world with a huge amount of hurt and anger, until the day I met my Oncologist for the first time in Mumbai and she told me – “you know Dilpreet, if it wasn’t her (my baby girl) it could’ve been worse”

You see, the pregnancy had slowed the malignancy to a substantial degree and stopped it from becoming metastatic. 

It was theory but hey, at that point I was willing to take anything… So Mandiira was my knight in shining armour, coming out to rescue me  without me even knowing it…

So sometimes, when you feel that the world is collapsing around you and you definitely can’t take it anymore, find your calm in your babies…

I definitely found my calm and my saviours and I couldn’t have been more thankful for them – My Bickram and Mandiira 

9 thoughts on “My babies, my saviours”

  1. Dilpreet I have always been the secret admirer of your strength and such an amazing spirit. Your post really got me emotional. Also Your kids are just so adorable. After reading I would day that miracles happen when we least expect. Much love and more power to u.

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  2. I not only have teary eyes but series of tears rolling down my cheeks.. I agree that kids are your greatest strength and you see a purpose in them.. but in your case they proved to be much beyond the purpose…
    May babaji bless you with all the good health today and forever!..

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  3. This phase certainly make us realise how miraculous the world around us becomes with our babies! I would love to spend some good time with you & these little cuties. And again, loved your post.

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  4. Oh my goodness this post has me in tears Dilpreet. ❤️I have always seen you as an amazing amazing and yet so strong person. And I absolutely love that you are so so honest about your experiences ❤️

    My favourite quote

    So sometimes, when you feel that the world is collapsing around you and you definitely can’t take it anymore, find your calm in your babies…

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